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The Mosquito

Mosquito MKII (Anti-Loitering Device)Mosquito

Mosquito is a completely benign non-physical deterrent system that has been specifically designed to annoy teenagers. The system works by generating a modulated tone between 17 – 18 KHz which is on the upper limit of hearing for late teens and early 20’s. The Mosquito MKII has a fixed volume of 5dB that runs above the local ambient noise levels. According to all scientific comparisons, 5dB is the volume of a WHISPER!!!


  • The Mosquito has an effective range of 15 meters.
  • The sound does not penetrate solid objects like windows, walls etc.
  • Younger children and animals are not bothered by the sound.

  • Mosquito is NOT a weapon
  • Mosquito is NOT painful
  • Mosquito will not make people run away from an area
  • Mosquito will NOT cause hearing damage
  • Mosquito does NOT breach Human Rights
  • Mosquito does NOT breach Health and Safety guidelines
  • Mosquito does NOT violate Environmental legislation
  • Mosquito is just ANNOYING to those who can hear it.