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Consulting and Risk Management

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Future Security Technologies Inc. has a full range of consulting and risk management services.  Our Executive Management team combines over 50 years of industry experience, which allows us to offer a comprehensive range of services to help businesses protect their valuable assets.

Security and risk management is essential in order to prevent potentially costly and embarrassing security lapses. Future Security Technologies provide detailed assessments of their clients’ entire security infrastructures to identify and eliminate any vulnerability.  We work closely with our clients to address each client’s security concerns without disrupting their ability to do business.

Following its vulnerability assessment, your Security Specialist will deliver a detailed written report to its clients advising them what systems were tested, which techniques were used, the public or proprietary tools and applications used in the “attack”, what vulnerabilities were detected, and recommendations for improving security.

Here are some of the Services we offer . . .

Development of:
  • Security plans
  • Emergency response plans
  • Lockdown procedures
  • Command posts procedures
  • Table top and mock exercises
  • Major incident response
  • Bomb threats
  • Security officers
  • Incident Management Systems
  • Command posts
  • Bomb screening
  • Bomb searches
  • Tactical operations
  • Aviation security
  • Port security
  • Hotel security

Law enforcement Products:

  • Metal detectors
  • Bomb screening devices
  • x-ray units (including cargo)

Using our learned knowledge of risk management and security vulnerabilities along with countless contacts in the field, we have a unique perspective on how risk management and security are truly achieved and can quickly show you where the security holes are.

Contact us today to book your free, no obligation consultation with one of our Security Specialists and become part of the new proactive society instead of problem solving due to being reactive.